Frequently Asked Questions:

How does my 3D object get inside the crystal?
We use a combination of special computer software and a powerful laser to create the 3D effect. Read more about the process

What are the requirements for my object?
A successful CrystalRender can be created from nearly any 3D model. The requirements are extremely lax as compared to the strict requirements for stereolithography and rapid prototyping. Keep in mind that the 3D model will be rendered as a semi-transparent surface within the crystal, so you may consider removing some intersecting or interior geometry.

How should I prepare my 3D model?
Ideally, create a zip file containing your 3D model and include a rendered image in the zip file. While including a rendered image is optional, it will be used to verify your geometry and help determine the proper orientation. Texture maps should not be included and all detail must be modeled into the geometry. The file upload size limit is currently 6mb (per model).

How many polygons/points can my 3D model have?
There is no set limit, however, around 100,000 polygons seems to produce excellent results. Additionally, models with a more uniform distribution of polygons will produce superior pointclouds.

Which 3D formats can you accept?
While many 3D formats are accepted, the preferred formats are: 3DS, DXF, LWO.
Other formats include: MAX, XSI, MA, MB, NDO, C4D, 3DM, GEO, COB, IOB, WRL, OBJ, STL and even many game engine formats: X, MDL, MD2, MD3, W3D, PSK, U3D.

How should I send my model?
Your 3D models can be uploaded any time after your order is complete. They can be uploaded in any order, but must be uploaded one at a time. The file size limitation is currently 6mb (per model). If you have any problems uploading, please contact us and we can arrange for email delivery.

What is the pre-vis? What is it for?
The pre-vis is a 3D animated preview of how your final CrystalRender will actually look. The pre-vis confirms the size, orientation and helps to ensure that your 3D model will look every bit as impressive inside the crystal as you expect.

How can I describe my model's orientation?
The best way is to include a rendered image with your model in the zip file. We will use this image as a guideline to prepare your 3D model. There is also an area for additional comments per model during upload. You can use this area to describe your model's orientation.

Do you offer any volume discounts?
Yes, from 10 to 10,000 pcs... Please
contact us for details!