About the CrystalRender process:

1. First, your 3D model is converted into a "pointcloud" with special 3D conversion software. A "pointcloud" is simply a collection of points that represent the original geometry surface. Think of it as "dusting for fingerprints" all over your model. Then, by removing the original 3D object, what is left behind is the sparkling dust pointcloud in the shape of your original model.

2. Next, a very powerful laser beam is focused at a specific point within the crystal and a brief burst of high energy is released. This concentrated energy heats the crystal and creates a tiny "stress crack" at this exact location. The points are very small (about 1/10 of a millimeter).

The crystal must be optically perfect, completely transparent and the structure must also be rendered from back to front, so that previously created points don't interfere with the laser drawing the new ones.

To draw more points, the laser is pulsed on and off and the beam is redirected with a mirror. The mirror is moved by computer-controlled motors between points. It is this way that the many thousands of points in a typical pointcloud model can be drawn with such incredible speed and accuracy.